S J Denney

S J Denney is an Essex-based singer-songwriter.  He performs folk music with an indie edge.

All the Signs Were There is S J’s second slice of new material for 2019 and offers another delightful change of pace.  Breezy is not what you normally expect from this measured and driven artist, but it works.  There’s no mistaking the attention to detail, great arrangement and polished delivery throughout this Beatles-inspired track.  From the opening bars of bright acoustic guitars, the bass and drums irresistibly invite the listener to hitch onto this upbeat groove.  When Denney’s voice joins the party, he’s the cheerleader for a determinedly optimistic ride.  And this time he’s accompanied by Roisin O’Hagan.  A wonderful artist in her own right.

This is a cautionary tale of human timidity.  But instead of bawling you out for your shortcomings, Denney puts his arm around you and offers some friendly advice.  There is a way forward, if you stop treading those same circles.  It’s a familiar story to many, rarely told this succinctly.

S J is filling the gap of his potential with these new recordings.  His style has been carefully assembled down the years, with influences vintage, modern classic and left of field.  This time in the studio has been spent putting together something that effortlessly rises above what has gone before.  We are now hearing the authentic voice of this highly talented singer-songwriter.

M J Cundy – Author and Friend


‘He’s got the edge that can rarely be captured on stage.  S J Denney’s music is meant to be in the spotlight and will only move forward from here on out.’ – LIVAMP

‘I can definitely hear how Noel Gallagher has been a major influence, but S J still makes his music his own.  The details within his writing definitely make his music stand out; especially with his vocal style.’ – My Random Jukebox

‘S J is someone who has always had a great way with words and knows how to craft details in his stories to grab the listener’s attention.  But a story is only as good as its narrator, and his voice compliments his words perfectly.’ – The Appetizer Radio Show