S J Denney

S J Denney is an Essex-based singer-songwriter with an indie edge.  He’s a familiar face on the London and festival scenes with a reputation for delivering powerful live performances.

S J’s songs are crafted with finesse and delivered with a punch that demands attention – this is not a passive soundtrack.  Add to indie a fusion of blues, funk, dance and heartland rock to get a real tour de force, captured on his debut album, Then Again, which is available now on The Animal Farm label.

And it’s not just about great music.  Each lyric has been honed with the same care and delivered with the conviction of an artist right on top of his game.  These are grown-up musical tales, taking us from the global revolution happening before our eyes, to the highs and lows of affairs in our hearts.  He’s talking to you – and making you think.

Support slots for Athlete, The Bluetones, the Inspiral Carpets, Modjo and Wilko Johnson have been valuable stepping stones along the path that has built S J’s loyal fan base.  The next 12 months will see the rest catching up and getting the message.  And they’re going to like it.  A lot.

‘He’s got the edge that can rarely be captured on stage.  S J Denney’s music is meant to be in the spotlight and will only move forward from here on out.’ – LIVAMP

‘I can definitely hear how Noel Gallagher has been a major influence, but S J still makes his music his own.  The details within his writing definitely make his music stand out; especially with his vocal style.’ – My Random Jukebox

‘S J is someone who has always had a great way with words and knows how to craft details in his stories to grab the listener’s attention.  But a story is only as good as its narrator, and his voice compliments his words perfectly. ‘This Is Where It Rains’ and ‘Even Now (feat. Bee Bakare)’ are perfect examples of this combination at work.’ – The Appetizer Radio Show